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Thread: Southern flying squirrel who doesn't climb

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    Default Southern flying squirrel who doesn't climb

    I am rehabilitating two orphaned flying squirrels. They are not sibs but both are around 10-12 weeks old and are in a large cage. One of them does not want to climb the sides of the cage, or branches in the cage. If let out of the cage overnight, she is found in a ball in the corner of the room in the morning, even though the cage is open. She spends almost all of her time, evenings included, in her nesting box (yup I know they are nocturnal).

    I hesitate to release her unless she shows more interesting in moving around and climbing. I'd appreciate any comments regarding her situation or any suggestions to get her ready for releasing.

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    Default Re: Southern flying squirrel who doesn't climb

    This little one definitely is not behaving normally. It is possible that you just have a late bloomer on your hands. How long have they been off formula? What formula were you using? How is her appetite and eating habits?
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    Default Re: Southern flying squirrel who doesn't climb

    not normal.. Maybe non-releasable..

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