I have 4 babies that could use a new home. I wish I could keep my oldest one that I've been holding for Rhapsody, but she's having eye surgery at the end of the month and will need 3 more weeks of rehab. She is such a sweetheart but I promised my husband I wouldn't fall for another squirrel, and I can't keep them that long as my work is suffering so if anyone knows of a good home in the Lakeland Florida area I could use some help. I have been treating one of the little babies with prednisone and tramadol for a back injury from her fall from the tree, and I had lost one of her siblings that fell from the tree as well, but he had too many internal injuries and didn't last the night, but the little female is doing much better now. Sorry that was so long.Name:  20170918_230838.jpg
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