My mother got me to register in here because she has 3 squirrels of her own. I have helped her when she would let me. We had a batch of possums that we gave to an actual wildlife rescuer. Then we had a flying squirrel that did not make it. A few months ago my mom let out 2nd batch of squirrels go. At the beginning we had 3 but Zeus died. Now we have 3 more that i begged my mother to let me take care of. I name them all Alvin ( Dwarf ) Simon ( Regular but smaller than Theo ) And Theo (Theodore) the biggest in weight and size. I just want to create a post about my babies showing a few pictures of them and telling people about my new experience. My mom says kids my age wouldn't be doing what i am. But i do have questions sometimes that i would like to post about. If i could get an answer asap that would be amazing. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!