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Thread: Can someone please post an east "how-to"...

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    Default Can someone please post an east "how-to"...

    Can someone please post an EASY 1-2-3 "how-to" down load pictures to TSB? As I've already admitted, if it were left up to me and technology... we'd all still be talking on tin cans with string running between them!

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    Default Re: Can someone please post an east "how-to"...

    Here's Stosh's guide from another thread

    Quote Originally Posted by stosh2010 View Post
    TRY this---

    Click on paper clip icon-
    Click on ADD FILES ( upper right)--
    Click on BASIC UPLOADER-- ( for multiple pictures )
    Click on CHOOSE FILE ( find picture(s) you want)--
    Double click on picture--
    if you want to add another photo--Click on "+" box--
    Click on CHOOSE FILE ( no file chosen) it is directly above your first file selected--( max of 10 photos per post)
    Click on UPLOAD--
    Now you will see your selected files along the bottom.
    REMEMBER to place your cursor where you want the photos to appear in your message.
    Click on INSERT INLINE--
    Click on SUBMIT REPLY--
    That should do it .....

    Try to post a photo here--so I know if you were able to do it....

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