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Thread: WARNING DO NOT FEED Fox Valley 32/40

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    Exclamation WARNING DO NOT FEED Fox Valley 32/40

    3 years ago, a discussion was started about pinkies not digesting Fox Valley 32/40 formula.
    Since then this has occurred with older babies as well.
    Seasoned rehabbers were losing babies, from undigested formula that sat in the babies tummies
    like cement, with the milk line never disappearing.

    I won't rehash the nightmares this caused.

    Most people have since switched over to Powdered Puppy Esbilac for babies under 4 weeks
    and some have continued with just the Esbilac until the squirrel is weaned.

    This is just a reminder that Fox Valley 32/40 kills many/most pinkies, they cannot digest it.

    We've been complacent about alerting members of this, thinking that most already knew.
    I believe that after 3 years some felt the problem was rectified, (AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!!)
    because we don't bring it up.

    However, in the past 3 years we have NOT recommended it to ANY new member, and this needs to be
    mentioned again as a reminder.

    This just happened again to a seasoned rehabber. She fed Fox Valley 32/40 and it sat like cement.
    Three of the babies have died.

    Discussion from 8/2013

    IF you have already fed this, a long time member has come up with this protocol below that has helped save his babies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckman View Post
    The trick for me seemed to be getting in as much water, as quickly as possible, once you see and feel the hardness in the belly. Not sugar water or Pedilyte, but plain water. I did this every hour (giving about .2-.3 ml) and ensure you stimulate after each, for 2 reasons. 1. You have to get that water out of the bladder, and it will burst if you don't. 2. You want that water to start working on the crud in the belly. After 8-10 hours, you should start seeing some movement out of the bowel (they will continue to poop, but you will start to see it more watery, which is what you want). At that time, start introducing diluted formula at the ratio of 25% Esbilac, 75% water. Feed this for the first half day. The second half day, I bumped up the ration to 50/50. I fed this for a day and then went to 75% Esbilac, 25% water and introduced full food the next day (and the blockage was gone!). So far, I am at 100% success rate. One note though. I check my pinkies after every feeding, so see if their bellies are hard or squishy. I would suggest everyone get in the habit of checking them after every feeding as habit and you can't go wrong in catching them before they bloat up. Once they take on that angry red color on their bellies (this is when their system goes septic), they are gone and can't be saved, so the trick is to catch them before this happens (hence, getting in the habit to see if their tummies are hard or not).
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