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I have a question about Eddie he has been doing really really good for about 3 weeks now he's eating his blocks his veggies and a little fruit he's taking in fluids have gotten sick about 3 weeks ago so I've been working really close with Miss Gail and she told me to try the butter pecan ensure and that really helped him get back on his feet and I've had in mind that and I'll give him a little bit every day and last night I did something really stupid I wasn't thinking what I did was I had given him his meal for the night and I gave him a little bit of Ensure and he drink all of that and that he was looking at me like I want more LOL so I came back and I gave him just a little bit of Nutri Cal but when it came out it came out really fast and I didn't get enough off the plate I know I gave him too much so when I came back to try to get it cleaned up he had had it all eaten and so when I came back he was in the bottom of the cage and so I don't know if he fell or had a seizure or what but I picked him up and he made a little Screech noise like he was hurt so I you know loved on him and everything and I putting back on top of the cage to where he can eat his lettuce and his block and his veggies and some of his throat and he nibbled on a block and he ate a little bit of a cherry and when I came back from washing dishes he was in the bottom of the cage again and so I didn't know what it happened once again so I picked it back up love to him for a minute I put him back in the cage around his food trying to offer him more food and he went to the water bottle and he got a good amount of water and he went in his hammock and he was there until about 11:30 I went to check on him and I went to bed and I woke up at 1:30 to get something to drink something told me to go over there to where he was and he was in the bottom of the cage for the third time so the bell went off in my head and I was like okay Rebecca you need to get him out and you need to put em in a smaller cage so I put him on a smaller cage on low heat and syringe him just a little bit of Ensure and he loves the insurer and he drink a lot of insurance like to him if you drink and so I went back to bed and I got back up around 8 a.m. and he was on top of the blanket he does not want heat so I took the heating pad off turn it off and I went to pick him up and he made another street so I gave him some baby ibuprofen just one little drop it's like a .01 just one little drop of the infant ibuprofen and I made some formula for him and he drink for emails and throughout the day is gotten worse I think what has happened is with me giving him the insurer witches got the sugar and all that other stuff in there that's good for him and then I gave him the new tricked out I think I might have given him too much sugar or maybe too much vitamin D is what mrs. Gillis thinking and I believe her so but now the problem is is he's really weak he's like kind of lethargic he doesn't want to be touched or anything like that his eye is swollen shut he only can open it just a little so I don't know really what to do with his eye I sent some pictures to Miss Gail hopefully maybe she can get them posted I don't know how to do that so I just really need help I don't know if I can give him Clavamox for that he must have had another seizure but anyway so I have put the New Tripoli up I'm not going to do nutri-cal anymore and I'm not going to do in sure for a couple of days I was just do water and formula and I'm trying to do blocks but I can't get him to eat anything but formula so and his bowel movements are black but they're really really black so I need help please