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    the usual dose with the paste - the size of an uncooked rice grain, no more (but if much less - won't be effective). So you really have to be careful. I literally had to get a few rice grains, pick the average (not the biggest and not the smallest) and match the dose.

    You can lodge the dose in the nut grooves - pecans and walnuts work well. personally, sometimes I ever so slightly carve a groove especially on a walnut. I noticed that squirrels tend no to eat the "peel" on walnuts (almonds and even hazelnuts sometimes) - you know, that brownish "skin" on the kernel. I saw often how they sort of "peel" it off and eat just the kernel. So, just in case, I remove that "skin/peel," carve slightly and put the dose.

    The course - 3 treatments spaced 7-10 days apart. If you go longer than that between doses (say, 12 days) - it may not be effective as the med affects the cycles of the parasites and timing is important. Don't go 6days - may be too early and hence toxic.

    If there is no significant improvement after one course - take a 2 week break and repeat the course.

    Important: do not give oral ivermectin to neuro squirrels as it worsens neuro issues significantly. Neuro issues include but are not limited to: wobbliness, head tilts, any degree of unsteadiness, tremors and so on.
    Look very closely because sometimes slight tremors may not be noticeable right away especially if you are not used to noticing them.

    Ivermectin is very potent and easy to overdose. When overdosed it is toxic and can be fatal. So be very careful.

    When done correctly, it works - I've done it myself. Just be careful.

    If you have more than one squirrel to treat - when you toss medicated nuts, make sure the same squirrel doesn't get a medicated nut twice during the same treatment - will be fatal.

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