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Thread: help us save the squirrels

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    Default help us save the squirrels

    While my wife and I live in North Carolina, some of our adult children and grand children live in Ohio. Those living in northern Ohio have squirrels living in their attic. They're thinking of getting an exterminator which will likely not be a humane way to solve the problem. We would appreciate advice that would help us to help them remove the squirrels. Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: help us save the squirrels

    I wish people wouldn't decide to do this right before winter starts.

    If they can get into the attic during the day, frequently the squirrels will be out foraging. Nothing they do will work if they don't repair the access to the attic. If they can go up there, run the squirrels out (putting a bunch of food out will draw them away from the attic) and fix the hole they may have some success.

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