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Thread: New Squirrel Parents

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    New squirrel parents here. We are not rehabbers. We are just some folks who found a baby squirrel (we named him Peanut) and refused to put him out to die when the local wildlife rehabbers weren't interested in taking him. We have made some mistakes, but we are doing our best and after 3-1/2 weeks, he is still alive.

    Since it also now looks like we will need to take care of him over the winter months, we are ordering the blocks and formula from Henry's (though he looks as though he is already self-weaning). Our biggest concern is the fact he is a lone squirrel. How is that going to affect his "releasability" and do we need to be worried about an animal companion for him? How much interaction does he need with us, his human captors? How does one PLAY with a squirrel??? We WANT to release him back into the wild. While he makes for a unique pet, it isn't fair to him and we recognize that. On the flip side, if he can't be released, do you have any suggestions?

    I'm including a some pictures of our little Peanut. The first two are of when we first found him. I estimated his age at about 5 weeks. Would you concur? The last one was taken a few days ago. He found his way into the cuddle sack by himself.

    Looking forward to learning more.
    Peanut the Squirrel's Mom :-D
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    Peanut is adorable. I am not a rehabber and am somewhat new to squirrels too. Just wanted to make sure you saw this link as I found it to be VERY helpful, I have also heard that this is an excellent place if it is close to you and you need anything from them,

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