First, this board has been a godsend. Thank you all for posting so much great stuff. We have brought back these abandoned babies from deaths door because of it.

We are following the 5 percent/bodyweight rule for food serving size and are feeding the babies esbilac / heavy cream after rehydrating them with pedialyte. We started with 4 parts water, 1 part esbilac, 1 part hwc, as they were on pedialyte only for the first day as we rehydrated. Once they turned from sullen gray and dried up, to healthy, pink and energetic we moved them on to the formula mixture every other time (rotating formula and fluids each time so they stay hydrated). That went great and the babies made huge progress in the first 48 hours.

This morning, once we were sure they were processing formula without issues, we moved them to 3 parts water, 1 part hwc, 1 part esbilac per guidelines we found. The smaller female seemed to bloat up and or constipate. She was like this for about 12 hours during which we gave her just a few drops of fluid to keep her mouth moist while we researched and followed the below steps. We have not fed her more formula since this morning, 12 hours ago.

1. 1 small drop Vegetable oil rubbed softly into her bottom area to soften her up.
*No results noted yet
2. warm bath up to elbows combined with soft massage on her tummy and sides, which she seemed to enjoy and it relaxed her (I studied massage in general for years so am careful and aware of the delicate nature).
*This resulted in a tiny dropping about .5mm in diamter and about as long as a normal grain of white rice. Super excited to see that. Bloating looked the same.
3. two drops baby simethicone to relieve possible gas.
*This resulted in perhaps 10 percent decrease in bloating up top or in general.
4. one small drop olive oil to help get things moving.
*No results noted.
5. repeated step 1 and 2 with the oil and bath four more times.
*No results noted these times, but it is impossible to tell if she peed in the bath. I will weigh her before and after next time.
6. gave her 1 more tiny drop of baby simethicone five hours after first dose.
7. gave one more drop of olive oil

Current condition:
a. She is still looking bloated.
b. is still energetic and feisty, kicks and moves a lot when put in the bath, and does not seem uncomfortable.
c. her vagina area is a tiny bit red from the day of attempting to get her to pee with the warm wet soft tissue
d. she keeps wanting food and trying to suckle when giving her bath.

Next steps:
1. More bath/massage
2. We are going to try a tiny bit of apple/prune juice with a 2 parts water, 1 part apple, 1 part prune mixture as a laxative. We do not want to put too much pressure so will just start with a few drops.

Outside of this we are not sure what to do.


How long does it take for bloating to go away?

What else can we do?

Any other input?

Thank you so much.

Here is a pic of her tummy if you find this helpful. I saw other threads with members asking for pics so I took these.


and another


K and J