Information about Derma-GeL:

Derma GeLŪ is a hydrocolloid dressing providing a complete and easy wound management through: - hydrophillic properties (*)- long term moist environment- bacterial control- anti-inflammatory activity- protective film effect (**) (*) absorbing wound exudates.(**) ideal for uncovered wounds or to allow secondary dressing removal without adherence. Derma GeLŪ protects the wound bed from foreign contaminants, and enhances the environment essential to thorough wound healing. Non-cytogenotoxic and non sensitizing, Derma GeLŪ hydrates the wound bed with a non-drying hydrogel polymer and humectant combination.Derma GeLŪ ensures a vital moist environment where epithelial cells are bathed, favoring exponential cell multiplication and migration, increasing wound contraction rate which reduces healing time. The formula maintains its integrity over time without drying out.Derma GeLŪ forms a uniform porous barrier of protection, staying where it is applied.

The progressive pictures and a brief story of Oreo, the domestic bunny:

Oreo...4 week old bunny bitten by pet cat. Necrotic from chest to groin.
With abscesses in the left and right front arms.
When owners picked her up...her chest burst open. They didn’t know she was sick. She had been bitten 2 weeks previously.

After each treatment the wound was washed and flushed with Saline, Derma-GeL was applied and followed with a moist dressing.

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Day 1-Pus and necrotic chest muscle.
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Necrosis removed.

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Day2-More necrotic tissue needs to be removed in lower right groin.
Must be careful as we need to identify and cut AROUND the bellybutton

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Day 3 -

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Day5-Wound margins are beginning to close. More necrotic tissue in
groin cut away.

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Day6-Extent of wound. All necrotic tissue removed.

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Day7-Still closing.

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Day 10-Secondary infection sets in. Slight set back in recovery.

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