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    This is just a reminder of the importance of keeping Emergency threads to helping the emergency at hand. We have to remember that somewhere out there is someone who is desperately trying to help their beloved squirrel. Should a topic arise that you would like to explore in more depth, you could create a thread of your own in our Off Topics area or perhaps in Non Emergency. Unfortunately, each post that is added to the Emergency thread pushes the pertinent questions and the answers to those questions, further apart. There is ALWAYS room for discussions about any topic that pertains to squirrels (or other things for that matter), but we do need to try to keep active emergency threads as on topic as possible for the person who is trying to get information to help their squirrel. There is no room for posts that are not there to help that particular animal and/or human to solve the immediate problem at hand.
    We are all here for a common reason…squirrels.

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