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I think I saw someone here once mention this because it's so contagious. So, do people report this so that an effected sq can be euthed to not only stop the suffering but prevent an outbreak?

I saw my first pox sq today when coming back from the market. I think she was a juvenile. Her pox wasn't super bad (though one closing her eye a little) and I'm wondering if it was just starting or wrapping up. She only had a few boils, but had a big circle on her side of reddish pink skin about the size of a nickle. Would this be consistent with pox? Do the boils fall off and leave naked, irritated skin?

I don't think I can really do anything for her. I walk past the yard she was in probably 5 days a week, but I don't know how I could help her. I threw her a handful of shelled nuts that I had in my pocket, and I'll continue to do so if I see her, but I don't know how I'd get meds in her.

Just noticed one of our wild grey squirrels w horrible lesion. Worried it could be S.Pox and other squirrels may be affected. Wondering if there's any way to post a photo online of this lesion, in order to have it properly identified?