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Thread: little boy not feeling so good

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    Default little boy not feeling so good

    I posted last week that my 5 mo old male was having soft stools every few days after switching to adult formula Henry's blocks. Not sure that is the cause or just coincidence, but either way I gave him Pepto and that helped but he had it a few days later. I'm switching to a different block just in case - should be here any day, but my main question -- which may be related -- today he just doesn't seem himself. He is usually very animated and full of energy, but he is just hanging out in his house. No soft stool that I've noticed but he also didn't eat much. I've been letting him run around in the backyard as weather is great, working up to letting him do his own thing full time (with help from me as he needs it) but today, didn't even spend that much time in the trees before going back to the house in his cage. I'm going to keep an eye on him, but in the meantime, any suggestions? Thank you

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    First off, DO NOT let the little one play outside without being in a cage. Too many times we've had members lose squirrels either from their squirrel getting spooked and running away or a hawk getting to the squirrels before a human can react. A very popular squirrel owner on Instagram used to bring his pet squirrel to the park to play every day for months and months. The squirrel would return and go home like nothing had happened - last Monday that squirrel ran off and disappeared.

    We've all thought it was a good idea at one time or another to let them play, but it's too dangerous unless they're fully prepped for release.

    About your blocks, what new kind did you order? And how much Pepto did you give (was it dosed by someone on here)?

    What has he eaten every day?

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