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Thread: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

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    Default Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    I couldn't find a place that seemed appropriate for this so I decided to put it here.

    Last week I received a baby grey that was about 6 weeks old. The finder had her for 24 hrs and was feeding human baby formula. She didn't have a syringe so I'm not sure what she was using to feed her.

    I picked her up around 7:30 in the evening. I put her in a deep Rubbermaid bin with fleece on heat. When she was warm I started hydrating and she took a little but was not enthusiastic about it. I continued offering the fluid with minimal success.

    At 11PM, I approached the bin and I could hear it VERY clearly. The baby was clicking. The unusual thing was that the Rubbermaid bin actually served to amplify or concentrate the sound like a speaker. When I took the lid off, I could hear nothing. I ABSOLUTELY could not hear clicking from the baby at all. I put the lid back on and I could hear the clicking again. I was so amazed that the Rubbermaid bin (16x12x11deep) amplified the sound. Without this, I would have missed it and the baby would have died.

    I dosed the baby with Cipro immediately. The next morning I dosed again. The baby was doing very poorly. At around 8AM, my mom got 0.3ml of formula in her. At around 11AM she took 1.2ml enthusiastically and started to improve rapidly. Now you can't fill the girl up. She is doing great.

    I just wanted to post this due to the unusual way that the clicking was picked up. The bin acted as a speaker and amplified the sound. I was curious if anyone else has noticed thing. For me it was an 'aha' moment. Maybe this could help someone also.

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    Default Re: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    I have, "knock on wood" never had to deal with AP but that's a great tip for catching it quick. Glad to hear she's doing better! Good catch!!!
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    Default Re: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    I am happy to hear you were able to catch the AP and even happier that you found a clever way to do so. AP is a serious problem and I am sure this will be quite helpful to many people.

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    Default Re: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    Wow. Interesting. Thanks for sharing, P.
    So glad she's doing better now!

    When do we get pics of all your kids, anyway?

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    Default Re: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    A year ago this same month I made a similar post calling it the "phantom click."
    I know my hearing can be "challenged" at my age but I no longer believe "the click"
    is going to be all that audible with every case.
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    Default Re: Aspiration Pneumonia: Interesting observation

    Hmm that makes sense! Would not have thought of it but... Very interesting. ESP since Pip never clicked... But I kept him in a critter keeper at the age he got sick.

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