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Thread: Siberian chipmunk pacing

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    Exclamation Siberian chipmunk pacing

    Hello all! I am a first time owner of a siberian chipmunk. I was wondering of there was a remedy for the problem I stated in the title.. I have a female chippy who paces in certain areas of her cage, non stop. There isn't anything different about the area. All I can think is she wants her freedom. But I am still nervous to just open the cage and let her roam. She isn't 100% willing to come back to me (even with a food bribe). I have a rat sized ball that she runs around in. But it seems that even after unlimited time in the ball she goes back into her cage, gets a drink, and starts pacing again.. Any tips are appreciated! Also any tips with the letting her out of the cage thing also! Just please remember I am a first time owner so be kind...

    Also she is a little nippy! I know she's a chipmunk (14 weeks old) but sometimes they can get a little too hard (all we're doing is hand feeding and trying to interact to build the bond) and she loses interest in the feeding part and tries to make a run for the door of the cage. I just don't think she's ready because I'm not sure how I'll be able to get her back in.... Again, thanks in advance for any tips!

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    How big is her cage and do you have a wheel in the cage for her to run around on?
    These things could help relieve some of the tension she feels when in the cage.

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    Also, and this is vital. You need to squirrel proof the room she is in.
    Especially make sure she can't get under the door or out an open window, or into a tiny hole by the pipe under the sink, where she could get into the wall. It HAS HAPPENED, and you do not want to be taking down and replacing a wall, just in case she gets out of her cage.

    Second, those giant hamster balls aren't a good idea, as they can injure or even break their tales.

    Chippies are really fast, as I'm sure you now know.
    What type of formula are you feeding, and how much and how often?
    Proper diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of keeping your little one healthy.
    Please go and look at our healthy diet, we all follow it religiously, and there can be severe consequences if it is not followed, leading to MBD.

    Also, when you are hand feeding, are you holding your baby? This is the perfect time for bonding.
    They require large cages PLUS lots of out of cage time, but you need to get your little one tamed first.

    Tell how you got her and how long you have had her?

    Keep checking back, and adding to your thread to keep it current, so others can see it. Hopefully someone with chippies can chime in.

    Fireweed has lots of Artic Ground Squirrels and is extremely knowledgeable about them. I will PM her for you to draw her attention, and perhaps she can give you some good advice.

    we are glad you are here!

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