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    The reason for this post should maybe be a sticky.
    We had to go to Muncie IN to get daughter registered for college. My son was home with tater butt. All was good until we was about an hour from home. Son calls and cannot find Kazee anywhere. But he noticed the vent off on the duct in the floor. By now I am doing all I can to hold it together. He looks the house over again checking all of his napping spots. Told him to turn the ac off and go turn off the breakers. By the time we get home he has the indoor ac unit taken apart and Kazee upstairs soaking wet and shivering. We are drying him off and rotating fleece in and out of the dryer .We get him dried and warm. I fix him some warm watered down puppy formula he about ate the syringe so I made a batch in a small bowl he ate some. Gave him ashelled almond, ate it. Anyway it has been about 36 hrs or so and he is eating drinking pooing and peeing fine. He is standing eat still. Not coming out of our bedroom which he does come out of there too muchsince wd moved him in there about a week ago. I feel like a real jerk for this happening. Hell I am still crying over it. None of our floor vent covers have screw holes and most have to be pounding in and pried out. Well the one he went down now has screws in it and the rest will soon. All night last night I held him in his fleece and we even laid on the bed. He was so streesed and scared. I am still praying.
    So what needs to be a sticky? Floor registers or vents need to be screwed down.

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