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    Default Calcium Supplements

    Liquid Calcium Supplements

    These are not optimal for treating MBD. The calcium is too diluted by the water and other ingredients, plus the calcium forms used--calcium lactate, gluconate, etc.--are very low in elemental calcium, which is the only part the body can use. This means very large doses must be given by syringe. Additionally, they almost always contain artificial sweeteners, propylene glycol, and other ingredients that are unnecessary and possibly unhealthy.

    Below is a chart of the elemental calcium content of various forms of calcium:

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    This is one reason we continue to recommend plain old calcium carbonate. It has the highest percentage of elemental calcium--this means your doses will be tiny and easier to give. Plus it's cheap, readily available, tasteless, and available in pure, contaminant-free pharmaceutical grades.

    Oyster Shell Calcium and Dolomite

    These "fancier" forms of calcium carbonate are simply derived from different sources (ground oyster shells/dolomite deposits, respectively), whereas plain calcium carbonate is derived from limestone or marble. They have no proven benefits and in fact are no longer recommended by the medical community due to high levels of contaminants such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. Dolomite is also weakly radioactive.
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