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Thread: Advice needed! about an old injury

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    Default Advice needed! about an old injury

    So I only have my little ones because this guy I went to school with was chopping down a tree and unfortunately killed four others and the momma.... SO SAD.
    and he was just going to release them how they were. they would have died but he didn't care. however, I can not leave any animal in danger, ever.
    so I pleaded with him and he finally brought them to me.

    he didn't even notice some of Dixons tail missing!!!??? wtf.
    but when I got him his tail was already beginning to scab over and showed no indication of infection.
    but now that its completely healed, the end is a tiny perfect ball.
    someone said it could be puss trapped in there, however that would mean infection.
    and wouldn't it hurt him when I touch it or when his brother chews on it(when hes trying to catch him haha) if it was infected?
    I really don't think its infected because it has never seemed to bother him.
    and when an area is infected its usually warmer than other parts of the body, that's not an issue either.
    this might sound a little mean but I even pinched it and all he did was turned to look at me like "whyd you do that for??"
    but still it did not bother him. physically anyways, im sure he was annoyed lol.
    someone said I should go ahead and stick it with a needle just to see if puss comes out.

    but I don't want to do that if its perfectly fine. I don't wanna risk giving him a wound and then it getting infected if hes fine!
    so my question to anyone who has dealt with a missing tail (there has to be SOMEONE else out there), whats it supposed to look like?
    is this normal/healthy
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