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    Hello I just released a squirrel this morning. I placed him in a nest box about 15 feet high. After setting him free, instead of jumping on the tree he jumped directly on the grass. I mainly work with newborns, but have seen some releases. I have never seen them jump directly on the ground. Afterward, he ran to the front yard and was walking and looking around. He was eating off the ground but never climbed a tree. He just continued to walk away. There were no signs of limping. My concern is that he may have injured himself and will be unable to climb. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does it just take some of them awhile to adapt? Also, should I expect him to return tomorrow? Thanks

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    Sorry that no one got back to you yet, and I see you're checking now. It sounds like you're not doing the release properly. You don;t just let them go all of a sudden. Here's a link to the soft release process:

    Is he OK? Is he in your care again?

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    Thanks I will see if he returns tomorrow.I acclimated him outside for 2 1/2 weeks before release. The weather was nice so I decided to release him. I've never seen this happen. Just wanted to know if it is normal for them to leave the area they are released in right away. I was expecting him to stay on the tree, not go wandering around that fast. Hopefully, it's nothing serious to worry about. I did everything by the book. However, I think I will do the soft release next time.

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    I just answered your other post in another forum. Not sure which one now.

    Oh here it is:

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