I apologize for getting in the middle of the 'Broken Leg' thread with my dilemma, but I cannot figure out how to start my own message. I need help please.

I have a 4 week old fox baby squirrel that came in with fleas, abrasions, and very dehydrated. After 6 hrs of pedialyte, and good urine output, I started him on 25% goats milk and 75% water, then on to 50/50 then 75/50, etc. When we got to 100% goats milk, I added yogurt (yesterday) at a ratio of 3 parts goats milk to 1 part yogurt.

He had a good poo Wed night the 4th, but since then have only had tiny bits of somewhat runny poo. And I mean very little output, like maybe .05 cc in the last 36 hrs.

His belly is distended but not hard. I have been massaging with warm water using a cottonball but not making progress. I did feed him this morning and he took 2 ccs of the formula. Should I get a laxative for him? What kind and how much?

Thank you for your help, I don't want to lose him.....