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Thread: What saved my pox squirrels

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    Default Re: What saved my pox squirrels

    Thank you very, very much!

    I suggest that all who rehab here, or love their yard squirrels, have a bottle on hand even if you have never seen pox in your area. THere is always a first time and catching it early is the key to survival!
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    Default CAOH xoxo

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    Just info here. There is significant data that shows these sources have the potential to heal pox. For details see my thread in Specific Ailments under Squirrel Pox on Pycnogenol (monograph), and Dragon's blood, both tree sap sources.

    An old source used in traditional Chinese medicine, but newly available in the west, Dragon's blood from the sap from the Croton tree, contains both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, being high in polyphenols much like Pycnogenol. Dragons' blood sap used on animal pox (just as long as the squirrel cannot ingest it), helps to dry up pox and speed healing in both animal and human patients.

    Interesting possible source under cold sore product all natural organic, food grade, etc. Haven't used this, yet the sources include a number of anti viral natural ingredients including Dragon's blood tree sap, and pIne sap, again both high in polyphenols, anti oxidants, anti viral, and anti bacterial.

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    Note on Dragons Blood (that comes from the Croton lechleri trees). There are a few different substances that go by the name Dragons Blood, they come from other plant sources; one is particularly harmful, so it is important to be talking about the right Dragons Blood. I am referring to the same one that Diggies Friend mentioned.

    I have been offering Dragons Blood in water to the squirrels in my yard for almost a year now. It is experimental, but I mention it in case others have anything to add.

    I offer my squirrels three water dishes.
    1. Plain mountain spring water - a very large dish
    2. Oregano Oil water - a small dish
    3. Dragons Blood water - a small dish

    The squirrels drink from all three equally. I keep them in the same places, so they have come to know which dish is which. Different squirrels prefer different ones. Some drink only from the Dragons Blood, some only the Oregano Oil, and some drink from both, right after one another. All drink the plain water.

    I started this while waiting for CAOH to arrive for a pox squirrel in my backyard. I wanted something they could drink, since I wasn't going to capture them for treatment. I knew time was of the essence, and I caught it just as the bumps were forming on the eyes and feet. Once the CAOH arrived, I used that also. Once the pox was gone, I have kept the DB and OO waters out all the time. Keeping the CAOH in reserve should it ever be needed.

    The recipes that I use, they are experimental as they are my best guess:
    The Oregano Oil (Essential Oil) Water is one drop per gallon of non-chlorinated spring water.
    The Dragons Blood (Resin) Water is two drops in a pint of non-chlorinated spring water.

    Squirrels and Chipmunks seek these enhanced waters out to drink, even though I have a large pan of plain water nearby daily. I put these Enhanced waters out in small 3 inch dishes, they are usually empty within the day depending on the weather. On a hot day, I fill them twice, now that it is cold, they have been there for two days.

    I mix up a larger container, that I use to fill the small dishes.

    Just FYI, I do this to offer them, of their own choice, a place to get trace amounts of anti-viral, anti-bacterial substances if they need it. They choose it and come back regularly. When I first put out the enhanced waters, no one touched them for a week. Then they were sampled. Then they became regular visitors of them.

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