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Thread: Are you poisoning your animals?

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    Default Are you poisoning your animals?

    I found an article that I think might be helpful for all of us. This is the time of year when people are trying out those new gifts. Right now, aromatherapy and essential oils are very popular. I think it is imperative that we know that some essential oils including aerosolized oils can be toxic to pets. This link is specific to dogs and cats but I feel certain that squirrels could also be affected.

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    A product that we use called, "Poopourri", sprayed prior to relieving yourself in the restroom, has a citrus base. And though very pleasant to use, should you have pets that you allow into the bathroom it won't be safe for them, especially if they like to take a drink from the bowl. If not, and you don't give them access, make sure you put the seat down afterwards and turn on the fan, then close the door behind you for fpr at least an hour. If then the scent has dissipated it may be ok. If in doubt, as they say, don't use it.

    I like their "Vanilla mint" so far the best; a couple of their, 'seasonal' versions.

    Then there are some; well you can read it for yourself when you scroll down.

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    The only Essential Oils used here are from AnimalEO they are essential oils created by a Veterinarian for animals.

    I have used Critter Boost on my Sugar Gliders with no ill effects! I have used several of the diffuser oils in my home and had no bad effects with them. They smell amazing!

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