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    Default Metabolic Bone Disease symptoms

    I just noticed that this one didn't have any postings yet and this is probably the biggest and most frequent concern for captive squirrels. I will post the best description that I can. All you rehabbers out there feel free to add to it.

    Metabolic bone disease is a severe calcium deficiency. It not only strikes squirrels but many other animals such as reptiles. Symptoms can include:

    going down in back legs
    bone deformities
    brittle bones (which can result in breaks)

    Metabolic Bone Disease is easily prevented. Here is how:

    All captive squirrels need sunshine. If direct sunlight is not available full spectrum lights can be bought at pet shops, especially ones that deal in reptiles. Make sure that the sales person is knowledgeable about reptiles. They will be more likely to quide you to the proper light.

    Feed the squirrel a wide variety of green leafy vegetables. These contain calcium.

    Calcium suplements can also be used. If the squirrel is still on formula they will not need a suplement. the formula contains calcium. Prime is a popular brandwith squirrel rehabbers. It is a calcium suplement for birds and can be found in pet stores. A calcium liquid can also be used. This can be added in the water bottle. This can be bought in a drug store. Do make sure that the liquid calcium only has calcium in it, no other vitamins.

    MBD is very painfull and very deadly. This one should not be taken lightly. the quicker the treatment the better the chances of recovery. some of the paralysis and any deformities cannot be reversed. It can however be stopped in its tracks therefore quick treatment is very important. treatment consists of:

    calcium suplements

    Give the squirrel a heating pad under half of the cage (therefore if it gets too warm it can get off of it). The heat will help soothe the aching bones.

    change in diet. Make sure that the diet is in a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts.

    keep themin a small cage until the pain is gone. this way the little guy won't have to movefar to get his food or water.

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