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Thread: Just got back from the vet...

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    MissDolittle Guest

    Default Just got back from the vet...

    Just got back from the vet with Milly. She was acting strange this morning,
    sucking and gnawing on the fleece instead of food.

    I picked her up and took the fleece out of her mouth, she kept gnawing at
    the air though, mouth open and then she started to chew on her paws!

    I figured either it's something wrong with the teeth or she has something
    lodged in her throat. We rushed to the vet and she couldn't find anything
    wrong with her. Throat was clear, teeth were fine, but she clipped them a bit she told me to take care of her, put her on amoxicillin and just
    support her.

    When we got home, I put her in the cage with a fresh piece of apple, figured
    if she gnaws, then better on fruit instead of fleece. She took a lick and started
    screaming terribly and just fell over, seized and went limp.

    She came around again and drank 10cc of pedialyte, but still, as soon
    as I put her down, she has to have something in her mouth. She was also
    dehydrated this morning.

    The vet said, if she starts getting seizures it's probably a neurological problem...

    Has anybody of you experienced something like this? She can't even sleep
    cuz she has to gnaw and suckle on that cloth and I'm sure that if she keeps
    this up that she is not going to make it until tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    Miss Dolittle, seizure, clenching jaws and chewing at feet and tail are all symptoms of neurological disturbance -- can be caused by disease or head trauma. This is very serious, as you know of course. Keep her in a small, warm enclosure with low light for now...the antibiotics may work if the problem is a disease or infection. I'm sorry I wish I knew more so I could better help you!
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    MissDolittle Guest

    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    Thanks! I did rush her back to the vet because her face started swelling,
    but she passed away right yes, you are right, that's what it was.
    I just wished it would have showed earlier and not after 3 weeks...

    Now I just hope Jerry is coming around. Lost 4 out of 5 so far...

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    Gwynog'srabbit Guest

    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    Oh gosh Miss Doolittle! I'm so sorry about little Milly! I hope Jerry does alright, is he acting fine? I'll have to look around here to see if you mentioned them in another thread.

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    MissDolittle Guest

    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    Yes, I think Jerry is doing fine. I have to catch him with a net when I want
    to check him...he's climbing and finds his nestbox in the enclosure, but I
    never seen him eat or drink, but he gains weight and is not deydrated. I just
    have to wait and check him once a day.

    If he's staying the way he is, I'll open the hatch in a week or 2. He is more than
    ready to be free, just goes nuts in the enclosure.

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    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    Miss D.
    How big is the enclosure for you to have to use a net to catch him. What are dimensions and what kind of net??
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    MissDolittle Guest

    Default Re: Just got back from the vet...

    I built the enclosure onto the house where I can get in through a big window.
    It's 8 x 6 ft and 7 ft high. He goes right over my head lol. I took him in again
    tonight to check him out...he has gained a little bit of weight and appears fit.

    My neighbor built me new bigger squirrel house today, Jerry is going to love it
    in the morning . And if all goes alright, he'll spend the first night outside

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