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    April Guest

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    I have an injured black squirrel in my back yard. His name is Blacky, and I'm a bit attached to him, though he's very skittish.

    I think he's broken his right hind leg. He can still walk and climb the tree, but very slowly. I have been giving him corn and he has access to fresh water. Should I trap him, or just leave him be? We have raccoons and feral cats around here. I'd hate to lose him. There's a line of very strong thunderstorms coming through in a few hours. Any help appreciated. Contact me via Thanks.

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    CliffordandDaisy'sDad Guest

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    April, I don't know what you tell you. I think it will have to be a gut/instinct call on your part.

    If you trapped him, do you have a suitable cage and equipment/food to keep him or get him to a vet? If not, get all that lined up first.

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    Can you put some sort of nest box in the tree for him? If you trap him, you'll need a good sized cage to keep him in. Do you have a vet that knows about squirrels? Do you know any rehabbers near you? I would think that the best thing to do is rig up some sort of box, or shelter a of some sort, in a tree - be a lot less stress for him that way. Also, it is probably illegal to trap him unless you are a licensed rehabber. And don't forget - squirrels have a wicked set of teeth, not to mention claws. If you trap him, he won't go willingly, and they can inflict a lot of damage when they want to. (I speak from experience, much to my dismay!) Usually they heal fairly fast on their own. It's good that you have water and corn for him - try putting some nuts out if you have any, as well as pieces of apple, orange, broccoli, etc. Just don't leave it out at night, as it will attract predators - keep it available during the day.

    Also, if you put a nestbox or something up for him, do not put towels, etc. in it for bedding, as their toenails get caught in it. Use fleece or an old tee shirt or 100% cotton balls. Even better, put some dry leaves in there for him, with or without the fleece. (You know, it just occured to me that not everybody has a stash of fleece available! I keep yards of it on hand because it is so good for bedding.)

    I hope Blackie does OK - please keep us posted.


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    I assume this squirrel is and adult? My suggestion is to call around to find a rehabber who would be willing to take him if you can catch him, before you catch him. He will probably need to see a wildlife experienced vet to set his leg and an adult squirrel will be very difficult to deal with. I know this from personal experience as I took in a hit by car adult male who was paralyzed from the ribs down. He also had mange. After seven months with me he recovered to almost 100% and has since been released. I hope you are able to help this little guy but sometimes they heal on their own.

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    Sounds to me like you should catch him, then find a local rehabber to take him. If it turns out his leg isn't broken, they can just let him go tomorrow. Better safe than sorry.
    Good luck.
    stay nutty

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    April, if you see this message first, I emailed you directly with the names of two licensed rehabbers in your area...good luck!!
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