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Thread: Homemade Squirrel Blocks

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    Default Homemade Squirrel Blocks

    Can anyone give me the recipe for Homemade Squirrel Blocks. I know a few ingredients, but I need a complete recipe cause I never want to be without something I can't make. I would like a recipe that I could feed forever. I use HHB's, but when you are feeding 10 mouths outside, it's just a little too expensive.

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    Default Re: Homemade Squirrel Blocks

    I tgink it is on the henery's site

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    I thought that was a sticky in the nutrition section.
    Here you go and this is from 4S.
    Preheat over to 205 degree F
    Dry ingredients
    80g pure whey protein isolate for adults ( growth formula use 160g.)
    130g finely ground up nuts
    1/3 cup of wheat flower (optional) I never used the flower myself.
    1tsp aluminum free baking powder
    1 package of 45g Henry's Healthy vita-mins

    Wet stuff
    1 whole egg
    1 tsp vanilla or almond extract optional. I used vanilla not the fake stuff.
    1/2 cup of water or as needed for the growth formula only ( I used a bit less that 1/3 with mine. start small with the water or you will get runny blocks and that is no good.

    Mix all the dry then all the wet. Then mix the two together.
    Bake in over for 1 hour at 205 F.
    I rolled mine into 4 mini logs. 1 log per week. This worked out well for me.
    Almost everything in this post is misspelled


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    Default Re: Homemade Squirrel Blocks

    while we are on this

    I found whet protein "with greens" has anyone tried it??
    I did...and got green block ,
    Simon eats them but the girls wont, didnt eat any other block either.

    Simon's video

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