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Thread: WARNING! Sago Palms are DEADLY to SQUIRRELS!

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    Default WARNING! Sago Palms are DEADLY to SQUIRRELS!

    Originally posted by Bobby Taylor, who, along with other members of TSB lost a squirrel who nibbled on the seed pods of SAGO PALM:

    Sago Palms Are Toxic to animals and if your squirrel or any other pet come in contact with them there is an almost certain death, so please be careful and think twice before purchasing one. The nurseries will not tell you this as the American greed is too powerful when the changing of money is involved. Please remember this thread what ever you do and tell your friends. Squirrels nibble on the seed pods while dogs chew on the leaves. I found out the sad way. Dont let this happen to you because you now know. Please pass this warning!!

    *thanks to gs1 for photos
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