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Thread: Question about releasing in fall

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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am currently getting the smaller cage ready. I too have struggled with putting them outside. Not because of the mess they make or their little attitudes, but because of those cold nights and yes, I'm imposing my human feelings toward these little wild creatures. I can put a heating pad under their nest box and I am not going to hesitate to do that. Fur coat or not. I want to make sure they are comfortable as long as I have them. I do believe they need to be outside though. They sit at the window everyday and just look outside. I know they want out. When they are at the window, I can't go near them. I think they think I'm going to put them back in their cage. They are starting to realize that they can stay out all day so they are trusting me a bit more when I visit them but I still keep my distance. I let them come to me.

    We are lucky because we have mild winters. The way I look at it though is that eventually they are going to be outside. The longer I keep them indoors, the harder on them it will be to go outside. I can't imagine how scared they would be if they stayed in all winter and I threw them out in the spring. The sooner the better. I will be keeping them caged up though. That is why I got the bigger cage for them. Its going to be a lot of work to set up but it will be worth it. Since I can provide a heat source, I might put the younger ones out in December too.

    I have thought about this for a long time and watched their temperaments go from sweet lovable little babies to wild animals who nip at me just to play. They are teaching me all about squirrels and I know in my gut it is the best thing for them. If I only had one, I would definitely keep it in doors but since there are three of them and the the younger two, they will be fine. I would not do it if I could not provide a heat source for the younger two. Both cages also have solid wooden nest boxes in them. I plan on building a roof for the larger one with shingles and everything so they don't get wet or snowed on. Their nest boxes are a perfect size to retain heat but enough room to move around for really cold days when they stay in.

    I'll post pictures of what I've got so far. Thanks for all your help and I hope this post is helpful to everyone who is questioning this decision.

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    You tell me this little guy does not want out. I set the window up for them so they can have it open all the time. This little guy, my Theo, sits there all day just looking outside. Everytime I go outside, there he is, and everytime I go in their room, there he is. Poor little thing wants out.

    I put the nest box in their room. They slept in it last night over the big ferret cage. That makes me feel better about them using that in the future. I will put them outside in a couple of days and post pictures tomorrow of the cage when I get the shelves in it for them to perch on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by island rehabber View Post
    Folks I know several rehabbers here in NY -- WAY colder than NC or Virginia -- who overwinter outdoors. The kids do fine; they are fat and fluffy and on really nasty days they just sleep in. For my part, I have released as late as Nov 18 here because the maple trees still had green/yellow leaves for making nests and I planned to visit the release site daily until I was sure everyone was okay.
    My personal feeling is to follow nature as closely as possible. RESIST imposing the values/feelings we have for our domesticated pets ("OMG!! It's 40 degrees out there, how can Fifi possibly go for a walk?") upon wild creatures like squirrels. Nature prepares them for the weather in every cell of their bodies. They are created to be OUTSIDE. Go with it.
    Hi All,

    I have 5 eastern greys who will be12 weeks in mid- November on Long Island, NY. I have some rehabbers telling me I cant release them until spring. Is this correct? I'm very nervous now. How the heck am I going to do this?

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