she's now a adult

She seems deaf and blind in one eye ( eyeball looks normal)

If she is standing on her back legs and you give her food,she lets go off the bars in her age,grabs the food and will fall straight backwards and landed on her back,roll over and eat

when I have her out, it seems the only way she can "run" is backwards,she never runs or move fast forwards

I've had her about year & half and she has only now just learned how to run/flip upside,backwards motion that normal much younger squirrels do when playing. Do you know what I mean? I am not really explaining this right if you have never seem a normal "teen, not quite of age to release" squirrels

she doesnt like change,for example when I moved her to a bigger cage w/o more of a open top she wouldnt relax or go to sleep and was so scared until I put something over the top or held her until she went to sleep

she got a short,stocky body.and some missing strips of hair on her belly