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Thread: Bot flies. Ugggg that time of year again!

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    Default Bot flies. Ugggg that time of year again!

    OK, so I have this released boy who still returns home daily for play and food. He has been a free man for about 6 weeks now. He is doing excellent out on his own.
    It is that time of year again for bot flies. My boy has one right above his ummm.......pistol.
    I could see a red, raised irritated bump about 3-4 days ago. Today, it has the customary " blow hole" on the top. Yuck! I know this guy will not stay still enough and for long enough, for me to get it out. I think I am just going to leave it alone. It is gonna kill me to do it, but I would need him to stay still for me to get it out safely. How nasty they are. Yucky!

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    Default Re: Bot flies. Ugggg that time of year again!

    we currently have a squirrel in our care that has two bot flies. one we got out...the other is on her neck and is being a stubborn @$$. they are nasty little buggers who dont do anything. usually they fall out on their own. they just look nasty.
    You can love them, raise them and let them go.....after that, they are in mother nature's care...........Welcome to the nut house!

    Home to Leroy & Lisa ... ...some just know they have it good I guess!

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    Default Re: Bot flies. Ugggg that time of year again!

    my wilds have them too

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