I got a lil baby yesterday the finder seemed so smart had the baby with a rice buddie b4 she even called. I didnt worry and I suppose I should have!

when I opened his blankies in the basket he was in I noticed his lil feet were literally glowing red. I scooped him up and held him and he was really warm. as he cooled in my hands well I waited to meet another person with a baby the redness left.

but you can see the outcome.

so If your a newbie squirrel finder... when you heat rice buddies they may feel ok to you! but they can have hotter patches. massage the rice bag evenly spread the warmth. And same as you do for formula test the warmth on your wrist!!!

Rehabbers when you get calls double check and be very sure you explain how to properly use a rice bag!

ty! I just dont want another baby to end up like mine. he is in allot of pain.