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Thread: How to get a Chipmunk out of your car

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    Default Re: How to get a Chipmunk out of your car

    well seriously ... i figured the strength of her tongue would set off the trap ... she's caught ... and mellow ... (you need the advantage)

    only one tornado thank goodness...3 hours from here... but all of the southern part of ontario was under tornado watch/warning...

    never want to be in one... or a hurricane... earthquake etc... flower on the other hand will be fine...

    you know what??? they should name a hurricane after her!!! it's too late for this year and next but the year after they could.... just write to who ever names hurricanes... introduce flower ... say it's a girls name .... and with luck there'll be a massive hurricane with her name on it ...somewhere over the ocean ....

    we had a hurricane hazel years ago here that did a lot of damage ... and funny enough that was my rabbits name too .... (although several years later ...she was named hazelnut by my niece but i shortened it to hazel...



    tip for flyer parents.... Flying Squirrels need meat every single day (mealworms/waxworms/cooked chicken breast)

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    Default Re: How to get a Chipmunk out of your car

    You can actually DO THAT? I mean introduce hurricane names (suggest). HOLY CRAP. That's not just a good idea for Flower. I have a friend who is also a leading ferret expert and is charge of emergency resuces of people, animals and especially ferrets.

    She is the single most hyper crazy person I know. She pops into peoples homes and lives for visits and its like a hurricane hit. Youre left sitting there dumbfounded and asking yourself, "omg was that real?" She travels in this SUV and its STACKED with ... "stuff". Her stuff, stuff for rescues, pets, and shes a cook so she even carries her pots and pans. She has literally opened her door and "stuff" fall out. One year, she had a terrible accident. A ball bearing or something went out on her SUV while going 60 down an interstate. It rolled three times. Very sad and sick accident. Her car was smashed EXCEPT this tiny bulge over her head. We joke to this day how that "stuff" saved her life.

    She is SO cool. Here is an article (I wrote) about her in a magazine. Really interesting:

    Someone put up a site with her story and accident photos, but I see its down right now. I'll get it up later.

    Geez, I know this isn't related to Flower. But it is "sort of" related to squirrels as she is in the Red Cross and heads up F.E.R.R.E.T (emergency, as in HURRICANE ferret rescue) along with being certified in other emergency animal rescue (from natural disasters).
    Chippie granny to Flower!

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