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Thread: aflatoxins

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    Ok so GREEN ACORNS vs BROWN ACORNS, what was the word on that??

    I feed both, I pick the green ones clean from my parent's tree - all the ones I can reach.

    Then I gather the brown ones later as they fall daily.
    (They do not use any type of pesticide in their yard, so I trust the source)

    My squirrels like both, and I thought both were safe.

    It is VERY CONFUSING sometimes to hear such differing opinions.
    I don't doubt that each person is sincere in offering their knowledge,
    but it has been very frustrating over the years when dealing with
    different rehabbers and experts and getting opposing advice.


    I try to trust my instincts most of all, be logical about things, and take all advice in consideration, including the source.

    But back to my question...GREEN or BROWN?
    I took a poll back there...5 out of 5 squirrels say....

    ...WE LIKE THEM ALL!!!
    Green, Brown, Big, Small, Soft Shell, Hard Shell...keep em coming!

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    My wilds are so funny. They creep up to get a nut in the shell from a dish, on belly, ears back, tippy-toeing, and hesitant, back and forth back and forth, and then. . .snatch! Then they dash away TWO FEET and stop for about 6 SECONDS to inspect the nut all over with their tongue, turning it over and over in their hands. I think they are looking for cracks or holes. They can't see up close, so they inspect it with their tongues. But, I have to laugh at them, because after all that creeping and sneaking, they sit there like little ducks, perfect for the snatching, looking oblivious, while they decide if it is a good one or not. If they decide it is good, they dash up the tree with it. If not, they throw it down and creep and sneak back for another.

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    Well, there you have it. They like them all and apparently are the cutest nut inspectors ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by momma2boo
    Well, there you have it. They like them all and apparently are the cutest nut inspectors ever!
    uh uh

    He was checking out hickory nuts...with a sledge hammer

    Finnagin ran in
    stole the nut

    buried it in my bed...

    I sleep with nuts

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