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Thread: Possible MBD

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    Another thing that I am worried about is her tail... it doesn't move like it used to and she still has the bum leg. Are these things that may be fixed over time, or is it something that she will have to deal with forever? She can still move around and is starting to hang from her good leg again, but she still favors the bum one. It even looks a bit swollen... the vet said she "didn't feel any broken bones" and she didn't want to do X-rays. I'm thinking I need to find another vet, so far this vet seems to go on what she 'thinks' and she isn't too keen on actually doing the work it takes to find out what is wrong with Darcy. I wish I knew of any other vet in the New Orleans area that could help. So far out of all the vet clinics I have called, all have referred me to this lady. Any suggestions? :/

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    I can't suggest vets, but I do know that Gina's squirrel (I can't ever remember whether it was Wayne or Garth who had the MBD) was completely paralyzed - dragging himself around from this - she posted pics of him today on their thread and you can't tell there was ever anything wrong with him.

    I am not sure about the swelling. MBD makes their bones very weak and brittle, so a break is not out of the question. They usually have to anesthetize them to x-ray them, which is a strain on a system already stressed with the MBD. I would probably keep her in a small cage or carrier to restrict her movement and keep her on the supplemental heat and of course continue with the calcium. If you can get her to take formula, it will provide the additional nutrients she needs.

    Bach's Rescue Remedy, available at health food stores, is excellent to calm them and keep stress levels low. A drop on their gums,lips, tongue, and then continue the applications topically in areas without fur - paw pads, ears, under their little arms - there is no worry of overdose, BTW, and it really does work. If she has a broken bone, keeping her as calm and quiet as possible is the answer, and this stuff is GREAT! Get the human RR - they make one for animals that is not as good - and you can use it yourself!

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