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    I have a 7 week old Eastern grey squirrel. I'm a vet technician I was just a little concerned with the condition of my squirrel's skin. It's not scaly like you would expect to see with canine mange, more like flaky, dandruffy. The ears are just a little bit crusty along the ridge. Her coat is still very full, she itches the area slightly but not much. Are there any other pests I should be concerned about, I can perform a skin scraping tomorrow, but I was concerned about any other parasites the might not be familiar to me.

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    usually the ears and eyes are the first areas to show symptoms of mange...I am sure you already know that.
    Advantage Multi is sq friendly and safe per my vet.
    Revolution is also, per Wild Mammel Babies
    I hate Ivermectin and refuse to use it...but some peeps do with good results.
    If the baby is still on heat, it could be simple dehydration due to that...
    especially if in a cardboard box.
    A skin scrap will tell!

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    Thank you so much! I'll follow up after the skin scaping.

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