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    I have a thread already here: that chronicles a new baby that I have that came full of maggots.

    Posting a new thread with new title hoping someone who hasn't read my other thread but may have information will see this one.

    To bring you up to date. Got 5 week old baby in last night. Full of maggots. Cleaned him up, gave one drop of Revolution. Hydrated throughout the night. Took to vet this morning. Vet gave Convenia antibiotic injection. Gave fluids. There were maggots still in two deep hole/wounds and he flushed them with silvadene. Brought baby home,let him sleep and then started him on fluids/formula alternating between the two. He was up to taking about 2.5 cc's at each feeding (whether formula or fluid - he prefers fluids).

    Ok, now my current posting: As I was attempting to stimulate Davey to potty, his rectum opened up and at first I thought he was going to have a bowel movement; but unfortunately, what I saw was so disheartening. His rectum is full of maggots. They weren't evident before. I just spent 45 minutes with Davey holding him while I watched and waited for the maggots to take turns venturing out of the rectum whereby I would snatch and smash them. But there are so many more! And Davy was getting stressed so I put him back to bed for right now while I re-group. Here are my questions:

    He had one drop of Revolution yesterday. At the vet today, I found that that is what he would have recommended. My question is do I just wait to see if it finished the job and kills these other maggots or can I give another drop right now? Does anyone have any information on that?

    At the vet today, there were still maggots in two of the deep hole wounds. They flushed it/ filled it with silvadene. Vet said the silvadene would kill the maggots. Can silvadene be put up the rectum, just a small amount at the entrance perhaps?

    I do not have any Capstar on hand. I do have more Revolution. I looked online and see that Petco carries Capstar so perhaps I can get some tomorrow if needed.


    Michele in Tampa

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    I do no think it is good to put any more revolution. The stuff is harmful in large doses, and this little guy has enough trouble as is. That there are internal maggots means there is internal infection and necrosis. I would think they would get inside by eggs laid either in the nose or rectum. Just hope that the antibiotics deal with his internal infections. The maggots are disgusting, but they do not harm live tissue. They probably carry diseases and icky stuff from their fly parents, but you cannot do anything about that, now. The maggots are already there.

    Someone else was saying in your other thread that the maggots are dying and fleeing from the revolution. That seems to be the case. Just one drop will affect the entire system. And it has, so at least that. It's done it's job and will continue to work for weeks to come. More won't make a difference, except to potentially hurt the squirrel.

    It looks like silvadene is a topical antibiotic, and is meant to be put on infected wounds. I would personally hesitate to put it inside the rectum as the lower intestine is extremely porous and absorbs whatever is placed in it into the whole system. It would be equivalent to feeding him about five times the same amount of silvadene, orally. It is a sulphur cream, apparently, and it may have some ingredients that are harmful if ingested. It should be safe to put it around the anus, though.

    It sounds like you have been really thorough and kind hearted to this little one. They only thing to do is to pray it has been enough, now. And keep him warm and hydrated and comfort him, too.

    Poor sweetie

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    Default Re: Maggots in Rectum

    M, I have used baytril and capstar , I recommend them...{so did the book!}
    I also have them here to share, I wish Gene would have came here the other night and we would have opted for that treatment ...ugh.
    I hope that the damn things are gone by now... I would treat again, but with capstar instead and follow it up with another dose in 24 hours...
    that's just me...I know you love your vet, but baytril is best for sqs in my opinion, coupled with yogurt/probotics.
    If I can help, call me!
    anything I have is yours.

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