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Thread: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

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    Default my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    My juvenile fox squirrel keeps peeing on me.
    Is she afraid?
    wh does she do this.
    Shes peed on my probably 8 times now since Ive had her for 3-4 weeks.
    I got her to come out of her nest tonight with soem peanut butter. I figured she would be calm and I could pet her on my bed with me since she was tired, so I gave her a cracker, and pur her on my pjs, under my blanket while she ate, hoping shed finish and sleep . instead, she peed on me through my pjs, and boxers!!
    so i got mad at her, picked her up, put her in her litter box( shes only used 4 times) and put my boxers in her nest. ( I know they know not to pee in their bedding)
    I dont know how to deal with this??
    yesterday, she peed on 2 shirts, so I got mad at her, held her firm and put her face against the peed clothes, then put them over her nest, and put her in the litter box.
    I feel soo bad.
    I dont know what to do.
    ive done this now probably 8 times, and I feel like each time, less and less she trusts my hands
    I dont want to be mean, and I want her to learn, but Im totally confused as to what to do.
    I havent built her cage yet, so I cant train her witha cage, and instead, she roams freely in my room, peeing on my bed, computer chair, and shoulder.....

    Please help anyone/

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    Default Re: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    She is marking her territory! You are part of what is hers, as is your room and all the things in it.

    I am going to try not to sound too harsh but here goes: This is not a puppy. Nor a kitten. Squirrels don't use litter boxes. They are wild animals. That she is living in your bedroom does not change that fact. Since shoving a dog's nose into it's own urine to teach it not to pee doesn't work, nor will doing it with a squirrel. What it WILL do is destroy any bond you have with her. Every time you punish her you will break it down a little more until it is gone, not to return.

    They don't make good pets. To keep one successfully requires that you (1) have the 1 in a hundred squirrel that WANTS to be a pet, and (2) that you are willing to compromise EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE for her. This is the difference between keeping exotics and keeping domestic animals like dogs and cats. Dogs and cats have been selectively bred for centuries to compromise with different human needs. Exotics have not, they are wild, and the compromise must be all yours.

    Please stop trying to teach your little girl to do and be what she is not. Nobody on here has a squirrel that pees in a litter box! She LIKES the smell of her pee - so you confining her with it is not teaching her anything anyway!

    It would be an excellent idea to let the kind folks on here help you find someone who can help her learn to be a wild squirrel and eventually go free. Often it will be someone from this board, which means you can even follow her progress.

    Peanut butter? Crackers? Please, please read our nutrition info...There are reams of wonderful info over there, charts you can print out, lists of good and bad food, etc. Lots of people have worked long and hard on it - take advantage of it!

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    Default Re: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    Crittermom is right... this is NOT the way to "train" a squirrel. Squirrels train us- humans must learn how to live with them just they way they are. Your methods of attempting to train her will not work, and as Crittermom said, it WILL destroy your bond with her.

    Also, as they get older they will be able to control their bladder more. She's excited to se you, her 'mommy', so excited, she pees to make you smell like her which comforts hers.

    Squirrels do not make good pets in general. I can tell you for sure that if you do not chnage her diet, it WILL kill her. Please check out the nutrition sections, and the full specturm lighting requirements for squirrels. This is a HUGE time and $$$ committment to having a pet squirrel- it's more like having a kid than a cat or dog.
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    Default Re: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    Absolutly correct...My Greys peed and pooped on me all the time. Your baby is a wild animal you can't train them like a domesticated animal. They don't listen...Litterbox is not the answer...The answer is simple. If you have a wild animal they will pee and poop on you nothing you can do to stop this. It's also not a good idea to let her roam free or you will have another problem...Your bedroom will be destroyed. She could also chew on electrical cords and kill herself. I know you want the best for this baby but I urge you to stay with us and let us help you keep this baby healthy and happy. A little pee and poop never hurt anyone. I actually think it's good for the hair

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    Default Re: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    would you like to relinquish the sq to someone else? We can help find a trusted person if that is best! Let us know!
    and WElcome to TSB!

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    Default Re: my squirrel ( juvenile) keeps peeing on me

    thanks for the advice guys.
    After reading a couple other threads here and another squirrel forum, I realized that they do pee where they want. With the only exception, if I finsh her cage, she'll possibly pee in there instead, If I make her wait 30 mins after she gets up to let her ouot.
    poo isnt too bad, I t gets everywhere, and its just pellets.
    We still do have a good bond, but true, Ive noticed her a little more cautious of my hands after ive put her nose in her pee. It made me feel soo bad.
    I love squirrels, and finally a friend found one who fell out of a tree and rescued it, and gave it to me when it was probably 10 weeks.
    I feed her rat food , rodent blocks, and formula daily, peanut butter and crackers is just a treat , and I also ordered her some calcium tablets last night.
    Shes done a good deal of damage to my room already, but Im gonna try and build her a cage; 7' x 3' X3'. Hopefully after being spoiled with a whole room, she wont freak out. Ill put tons of toys in there.
    If it still doesnt work, for sure I will let one of u guys handle this. Someone who has more room and time.
    for now, im not gonna "punish" her for peing anymore, but try and see if this is gonna work
    thanks guys

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