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Thread: Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

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    Default Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

    Petrie is now 5-6 weeks old and doing great. His eyes are open, he's active, and he has a big healthy appetite. I am currently giving him 5.5ccs of esbilac (the powdered kind) 4x a day (nothing overnight) which seems to sustain him very well. When he's old enough, I am going to release him back into the wild but had a couple questions about nutrition...

    - I noticed today that he picked a little bread crumb off my shirt (had just eaten lunch!) and sat up like a grown squirrel would do and ate it. When can I start offering him solid foods and what kind should I offer first?

    - Since he is going to be released, should I only feed him "natural" wild foods? Berries, these big nut things that fall of the trees around here that the squirrels LOVE, er... what else?

    - How long should I keep him on the esbilac? Hopefully as long as possible because it seems like a great way to get good nutrition into him, but I don't want it to hurt him in the long run.

    - Should I start putting branches, sea shells, etc in his cage to teeth on?

    - When should I put a "rodent block" in his cage? Is this something I can get at a pet store?

    Thanks!! I know that these questions have probably been answered before but my internet is SO slow and it takes forever to go through all the threads. Just want to do the best for my little guy.

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    Default Re: Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

    I put the Rodent block in with my babies as soon as their eyes open. If you start them young eating it it's easier to keep them eating it. I don't usually add anything else until I know they are eating the rodent block well. I never wean my babies, I let them decide when they don't want it any more. I've never had one wean early, in fact I have had some that would take it right up until release. Good Luck with baby Petrie.

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    Default Re: Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

    You can introduce the block now. I like to offer avocado as a first food for them. They love it. Look under the other threads in this section for healthy diet tips. They should have formula until they are least 10 weeks old.

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    Default Re: Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

    Sticks and twigs should be in there now.
    If the twig has buds, even better. Petrie will chew on those.
    If you see what other wild squirrels are eating, put a little in there.
    While your at it, you can also throw in a chicken drumstick bone.
    Give the little guy a snuggle for us.

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    Default Re: Feeding 5-6 week old squirrel

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhapsody
    You have been given good advice on the squirrel blocks...... but I noticed that you mention that your baby is being feed Esbilac for its formula, please take note that Esbilac is not good for squirrels to ingest, it can be deadly to them..... in the future if you find your self with other baby squirrels to raise please use Fox Valley 32/40 for their nutritional needs.
    Jana jumped on to the end of a 2009 thread...we don't know what formula she is feeding.

    Hey Jana, what are you feeding for formula?

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