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Thread: One eye open, not the other?

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    bayhorsegirl Guest

    Default One eye open, not the other?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I just want to make sure I'm doing the best by my little squirrel...

    Two days ago he started to open his eyes. Now his right one is fully open, but the left one is fully closed. Is this normal? The right one looks great - he can see out of it, blinks normally, etc. But the left one is pinched closed and won't open at all.

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    Default Re: One eye open, not the other?

    patience, it will open!

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    bayhorsegirl Guest

    Default Re: One eye open, not the other?

    Eye is still not open... the other one is now open all the way. The closed one looks very "pinched" and it also looks like his top eyelid is tucked under, if that makes any sense. I will try to take a picture either today or tomorrow. I know that these things take time, but I haven't come across any other thread that has mentioned this happening.

    Being patient is hard!! Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Default Re: One eye open, not the other?

    It can take a day or two for the second eye to open, although usually it's about 24 hrs later. I wouldn't worry yet.
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    Default Re: One eye open, not the other?

    Yep I was about to say the same thing. Sometimes it takes a little long for the other to open. I've even had them open one day and then shut again the next. Then open back up. I figured he didn't like what he was seeing so he closed them again hoping it would change.
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    bayhorsegirl Guest

    Default Re: One eye open, not the other?

    YAY!!! Second eye started to open today. Can you tell I'm a first time squirrel momma? Haha. Thanks guys!!

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