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Thread: Food Data Chart Update: Calcium to Phosphorus Ratios

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    Default Food Data Chart Update: Calcium to Phosphorus Ratios

    I've updated the chart to include some missing foods. Chart 2 is in alphabetical order, listing milligrams of calcium to milligrams of phosphorus per 100 grams of food, along with the ratios. Chart 3 ranks them highest to lowest as far as ratio of calcium to phosphorus. This is for informative purposes only, not to incite debate on what foods have what (e.g. pumpkin seeds). In addition, if anyone inclined to do the math, he or she can weigh one gram of food "A" with "X" number of milligrams of phosphorus and calcium (even micrograms) and balance out "X" number of grams of a food with more milligrams of calcium and phosphorus to achieve the 2:1 balance (assuming your squirrel will eat all of both). I personally don't have that kind of ambition or time, so I wanted to know which foods had the higher calcium to phosphorus ratios (regardless of amount of milligrams of each mineral) so that when I went grocery shopping I could lean toward the healthiest choices. My designations of "Good," "Risky," and so forth are completely arbitrary, and you can make your own decisions about individual foods, but I tried to classify for general categories. I hope this helps some of you.

    PS: IR, if a "sticky" means it's one of the post always at the beginning of a thread, I humbly offer that this might be included.
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