whew... just in time for christmas. 2 weeks from skwerlz to toronto. (THANK YOU SKWERLZ!!!)

arrived perfectly/mixed reviews from the wild squirrel's gourmet club...

i gave a piece to gs1 who took it and then dropped it and when i wouldn't give her any other food GAVE ME THE COLD SHOULDER!!! I have never seen a squirrel do that ...really the cold shoulder ... like looking over her shoulder at me and then turning away again ...

ok, so i admit, she was very well fed and extremly fussy and spoiled - she refuses the hibiscus leaves that i pick off the plant for her and yet she will eat the exact same ones on the plant!!! so, lets put her aside for now.

two of the other WILD squirrels LOVE them and they were also well fed already.

so i'll be trying them tomorrow morning on gs1 when she has an emptier belly.

(let me be clear here, gs1 is wild and so not as 100% dependent on these as if she would be if she were a house squirrel.)