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Thread: herbs that squirrels can eat

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    tatcat Guest

    Default herbs that squirrels can eat

    hey y'all, i read on here that i could give my lil one parsley, cilantro, and arugula and he loves it!!! can i feed him other herbs as well?? if so which ones?? thank you in advance...

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    I imagine it depends on what they like.. I've a huge rosemary in my yard, no one touches it.. they have nibbled upon my basil. they leave the mint alone, but love the parsley I grow for my bunny. when your nursery has those baby roses on sale two for one, buy those.. my guys eat every last bloom and bud off of them, although they seem to prefer the reds and pinks to the yellows.

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    tatcat Guest

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    mrs. j...i have several herbs out front and i thought about giving him basil and a few others but wanted to get a few opinions....

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    chadfromphilly Guest

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    Honestly, I would try anything (except toxic) I have found my gal won't eat stuff that's harmful to her. For example my wife has certain house plants now secured in another room that are toxic to small animals, well before we learned about toxicity we wondered why she would never go near those plants yet she DEVOURS ferns! We bring one home, no matter how high I hang it, she uses her ninja skills to get to it.... have fun, I just "discovered" artichoke leaves... SHE LOVES EM'!!!

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    tatcat Guest

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    chad, i never thought of ferns and i live in florida... i have a lot of wild ferns in my yard...i've never seen the lil ones in the back yard eating them...i just started feeding since i got my tweakerz...there are so far 3 squirrels that i have noticed..a blue-jay...and a cardinal(he is beautiful, very bright red) i gotta get pics of them some how....they run every time i open the back door...of course it could be that my lil nitro(jack russell/weiner dog mix)wants to play with them...check out my thread in grey squirrel forum...again, for the info!!!

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    Mine really luv Basil, Dill Bay leaves, Fennel, Parsley & Cress, i was quite suprised coz i thought "well i will try them but Nah i can't see em eating these when they have corn and bluberry etc on offer too"...But i was wrong, they luv em!! i thought this about Spinich leaves, Kale & Wild Rocket too, but again proved wrong ,they luv em too, so i guess it is just trial and error. (aka.ljhpsauce) (Wildlife/Squirrel Rescue & Rehab) in Manchester.UK.:Thankyou. XXX

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