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Advertising on The Squirrel Board

The Squirrel Board is sponsored entirely by Check Assist, an ACH Processing Company whose home office is located in Pensacola, Florida. As our sponsor pays all operational costs, we are able to offer a completely free message board. We accept no donations from outside sources nor do we charge for advertising links to qualifying online stores or businesses. Free banner adds displayed in the upper right corner of the forum, will be provided for those businesses meeting the following qualifications: Your business must be approved by the staff of The Squirrel Board. You must be an active and contributing member of The Squirrel Board. i.e. Post interesting squirrel related topics and help those who are looking for help with squirrel related issues. Your site cannot directly compete with The Squirrel Board. Your store must offer Squirrel Rehabilitation Supplies, OR you must work for or be, a Licensed Squirrel Rehabber. Your store must accept "Squirrel Bucks" from The Squirrel Board members. Squirrel Bucks are credits that members of The Squirrel Board will have earned by participating in board related projects. When a member spends Squirrel Bucks at your store, you simply confirm with "The Squirrel Board" that the member has available Squirrel Bucks in his account and if so, ship them the merchandise. The Squirrel Board will then send an ACH Credit of US dollars to your business checking account for an amount equal to what the member spent in Squirrel Bucks. Accepting Squirrel Bucks from The Squirrel Board members is an excellent method of generating additional sales. You must place a link to The Squirrel Board in a conspicuous place on your web site. If your business meets these requirements and you would like a promotional banner add displayed on this site, please send a Private Message to Squerly. Include your name and the URL to your business website. Your request will usually be responded to within 24 hours. (Please note that The Squirrel Board does not endorse statements or claims made on advertisers sites as we have no control over the content found on these sites.)

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