View Full Version : Squirrel Photo Contest Rules/Directions

01-29-2006, 02:18 PM
This was an original idea by one of the staff. Unfortunately, the originality of the idea was tarnished slightly when we found that a photo contest was being done on another board too. OK, so we won't have the only squirrel photo contest on the web, but we hope we'll have the best! Here's how it works.

Each month we will create a forum for you to post your favorite photo in. You (or someone in your family) must be the photographer. If you like, give your photo a "unique" name. (i.e. Summer, Summer1, WetSquirrel)
You may only enter one picture per month, so make sure that the photo you post first is the one you want to go with. Only the first photo will entered in the final poll.
You must be a member of The Squirrel Board to participate.
There must be a squirrel somewhere in the photo. :Squirrel (You wouldn't think we would have to mention that, would you.) :)
On the 25th (or thereabouts) of each month we will close that months entry forum. A public voting poll will be created and all accepted photos will be available to be voted on.
Voting will take place at the end of each month. Any and all of The Squirrel Board members will be allowed to cast one (1) vote. Participants are also allowed to vote. :) Ties will be decided by a 1 day runoff vote. Stuffing the ballot box will not be tolerated.
Management reserves the right to remove or disqualify any picture or applicant that it feels has violated any of the boards rules, either in actuality or in spirit.