View Full Version : MBD Emergency treatment question

02-21-2019, 05:06 PM
Am I supposed to feed him a whole crushed up tums and then follow up every few hours with another crushed up tums? Or is it one crushed up tums over a day? Im a little confused and panicky.

02-21-2019, 05:24 PM
First thing is one whole Tums. After that it will be one per day broken into multiple doses.
On the back of the bottle it should say how much ELEMENTAL CALCIUM is in each tablet. What does that say?

02-21-2019, 05:26 PM
750mg Calcium Carbonate

02-21-2019, 05:27 PM
Can you post a pic of the back of the bottle? You can text it to me if easier 2032147427

02-21-2019, 05:29 PM
Its Tums assorted berry flavor. Its all I have.

02-21-2019, 05:45 PM
From what I have found, it appears it probably has 300mg elemental calcium. How much does your squirrel weigh?