View Full Version : Winston Trim and New Vet in Indiana

06-16-2018, 10:55 AM
Winston was way overdue for a proper trim under Isoflurane. He does not do well with a self trim plus his uppers cannot be clipped conventionally. Received a zoo contact lead for a vet in Indiana that has worked in 2 top overseas zoos, world wildlife rescue organizations and founded a veterinary medical association. After observing her methods and skill level directly assisting her with Winston I would now add this great midwest vet to my list. She is on par with Dr. E. She also comped me for an exam on the little melanistic para and Silver Sulfadiazine for the barbered wound on her leg.

If anyone needs a top vet in IN/MI/IL she is not far from Chicago metro in Porter County Indiana.

Winston Mals


Winston after trim