View Full Version : Squirrel Incisor Trims and Diagnostics

03-21-2018, 03:12 PM
Many TSB members are unsure about how to check for dental abnormalities. This video gives many good tips for performing an exam but as you know squirrels are not easy to manage and easily stressed. Your exam is just to determine if a problem exists and trimming / treatment should only be performed by a vet experienced in rodent dentistry under light anesthesia (gas to affect). I have references for vet experts who are experienced in trims and floating molars. For quick dental procedures I only let my vets use Isoflourine and never Ketamine & xylazine Solution or TBE.

Video: https://lafeber.com/vet/oral-examination-of-small-herbivores/

For experienced rehabbers performing simple incisor trims I recommend the 7" Molar Cutter and the Lewis Dental Rasp for clean up and shaping. In the hospital setting an experienced vet will cut incisors with a dental handpiece to prevent fracture to the root then shape the occlusal plan angle with an abrasive wheel. I have used these tools as a tech and received training in the Crossley Method. If your squirrel is easily stressed and there is a risk of injury defer even incisor trims to an experienced vet with proper tools

Link for tools: http://spectrumveterinaryinstruments.com/veterinary-dental-instruments/dental-instruments/rabbit-rodents-instruments.html