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11-12-2016, 08:33 AM
My name is Amanda and Hazel is about 7-8 weeks old, we found her after the hurricane laying in the middle of the road at the park, she was cold, eyes closed, very lethargic, and all alone, I looked around the area and didn't find mommy or any other babies. I think she was about 3 weeks when we found her. I looked online for information of how to save her and immediately came across this site, In the past month that I have had her I have read and learned soooooo much about eastern grey squirrels. I have followed step by step directions from yall since the day I got her, she is thriving and doing amazingly well! recently I have noticed her top teeth are growing in very crooked, she will only take her formula on the left side of her mouth and she is unable to eat "hard" nuts, like almonds. I have ordered the German Steel side cutters that Jackie Bedford has recommended on her post, they should be coming in the mail soon, I just need advice on if clipping her top teeth will help them grow in straight, here are some pictures that I could get of her teeth, She just seems so young to have issues with her teeth.280956280957

11-12-2016, 09:29 AM
Sometimes with regular trimming at an early age it
will help them to realign and some times we have
to trim for life.
Jackie talked me through my first tooth trim years
ago on speaker phone. lol
The first time is the hardest until you see that it's
not as hard as it seems.
An extra set of hands is a big help. Make sure you
have everything you need at hand. Take a deep
breath, suck it up and do it with confidence.
I wish you and baby the best:grouphug

11-12-2016, 10:04 AM
Thank you, I really hope that it will realign after a couple trimmings. I am defiantly nervous about doing it but I can do it, :w00t
This was her when we found her
and Hazel now