View Full Version : Nails Catching on Everything

07-14-2016, 10:19 AM
Ambrose, who is almost 3 years old (where does the time go!), has had a strange problem twice a year for about two years now.

During summer and winter, his nails catch on everything. Then the problem magically goes away.

At first I was afraid it was the onset of MBD, but he gets 2 HHBs, 1 nut, and some balanced mixture of spring mix/romaine/green leaf/red leaf/cucumbers/sugar snap peas/broccoli/kale/yellow squash/sweet potato/etc a day. He also gets a handful of Mazuri blocks every other day. He's got two calcium chews - one that hangs on his cage and his very dear critter cone, both of which he chews on.

Is this just a molt of some sort? His coat has never molted, though.

I'm not really terribly worried about it since he's never shown any symptoms aside from being a diva & drama queen and yelling at you whenever you grab him wrong, causing mass panic. :facepalm But I figure better safe than sorry by asking.